Psychedelic wrapped Hyundai Elantra with Carbon Fiber accents

Satin Ocean Shimmer full wrap with matte black accents on an 800hp Nissan GTR

Sinister Satin Hot Rod Red full wrap on this Shelby Ford Mustang

Incredible Gloss Grey stripes and banner install on a Porsche GT3

Custom polygon shapes designed on the vehicle using knifeless tape ensureing the shapes lay exactly on the car as intended and that no blade ever touches the paint and finish. Gloss metallic dark grey and black vinyl wrap ontop of the original silver paint which is partially left exposed.

Perfect combination of Matte Grey Metallic body and Gloss Piano Black roof, mirrors and spoiler, paired with our supreme installation resulted in a finish and execution that speaks for itself. This Lexus IS 300 received vinyl wrap on nearly every inch of exposed paint possible, including full door jambs. We love transformations like this. Paint underneath is silver, primer and black.

No paint in sight. We laid down matte midnight sand vinyl on every inch of paint of this Monstrous AEV Jeep Wrangler. Very difficult to tell it's a wrap due to the high level of installation skill used. This is the most in-depth wrap we have ever seen on a Jeep, and are proud to have our name on the wrap work. Full door jambs done including trunk and the inside of all five doors. Hinges and latches were removed and powder coated. Silver factory paint now being protected underneath.

Anodized Blue wrapped Volkswagen Golf R

We took this Dodge Charger RT back to its original roots, classic Mopar Purple, but with added flair to keep up with our modern evolving industry.

This glitter purple full wrap really turns heads in direct sunlight as the flake dances in the light creating a truly unique vehicle finish. Paint is gloss red underneath and will continue to stay in great shape. All lights have been tinted in high gloss smoke to complete the look and for added protection. 

Absolutely roudy STI swapped WRX Subaru Wagon fully wrapped in Matte Frosty Blue Metallic. The Rotiform CCW wheels also got the wrap treatment, wheels faces wrapped in Satin Holographic Chrome. Equipped with Accuair air ride suspension. Was previously wrapped in Matte Army green which had to be removed. Original paint underneath is Gloss Black. 

Ever heard of Vantablack? It is so black instruments can't even measure how dark it is. Well this isn't Vantablack, but it's our version of it here in the vinyl wrap world. This newly released color called Ultra Matte Black makes other matte black wraps look grey in comparison. It is a textured finish feeling similar to velvet yet it cleans easily and is very scratch resistant. Accents of Satin Red Chrome add flair to this wicked Tesla Wrap. Silver paint underneath. 

​We wrapped every inch of this lifted Beast Dodge Ram 2500. Covering the chrome bumpers, door handles and grill setting this truck apart from the crowd. Original paint is dark blue underneath now being perfectly protected.

Beautiful Acura TL we wrapped in a color very similar to Tiffany Blue gaining this car huge attention in the area. Gloss black roof and mirrors really lowers the roof line and sets a beautiful contrast between the pastel Matte Mint and deep gloss black. Paint underneath is dark grey. 

Matte Mint (Tiffany Blue) full wrap with gloss black roof and mirrors on an Acura TL

We have created a mean looking Mustang with our full paint wrap. We used the absolutely killer looking Satin Perfect Blue from 3M, along with gloss Smoke Headlight and taillight tint-wrap and Avery carbon fiber accents. Original color underneath is dark blue. All images were appropriately taken at Turfway Horse Racetrack in Northern Kentucky.  

Satin Blue full wrap with Smoke lights and Carbon Fiber accents on a 2012 Ford Mustang 

Stunning deep, rich Gloss Candy Blue full wrap on a customers volkswagen equipped with air ride suspension. Finished it just in time for its trip down to Helen GA for the national volkswagen show SOWO, or Southern Worthersee USA. Keep an eye out for this beauty in the Northern Kentucky area. Paint underneath is flawed black, green and primer. 

Gloss Candy Blue full wrap on a 20th Anniversary VW Mk4 GTI

Absolutely beautiful photos taken by DKFX Photography showcasing our supreme quality of our work and our attention to detail. This photoshoot is of the recent full paint wrap we completed on a BMW M3 e92 in Matte Charcoal Metallic, or, Stealth Fighter Grey. Paint underneath is dark blue.

Matte Grey Metallic full wrap with Carbon Fiber accents on a BMW M3

Extremely modified Subaru BRZ showing off our art-worthy wrap work that clearly shows no limits. Paint underneath is white, being the most difficult paint color to cover did not hold us back from producing this flawless wrap. If your lucky you may just see this Rocket Bunny wide-body, supercharged car in the Florence or Covington KY areas. All photos were taken by Elliot Heigel.  

Candy Purple full wrap with Black Mamba Snakeskin accents on a custom wide-body Subaru BRZ

Flawless 650hp twin turbo Porsche 996 beast we fully wrapped in Matte White with Gloss Black accents. Photos from DKFX are groundbreaking as always. The matte against gloss makes the black and white contrast look even more unreal together. A rather difficult vehicle to wrap, it needed lots of details and attention. The result speaks for itself. Paint underneath is silver. Spy this car down at Killer Koatings. 

Matte White full wrap with Gloss Black accents on a twin turbo Porsche 996

We have a huge portfolio.

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Color change done right in Satin Rising Sun! Shoutout to Killer Koatings who coated these previously grey wheels in a beautiful Satin Illusion Cherry to match the color shifting wrap we installed simultaneously. Paint underneath is black. 

Glimpse into the future. We took this plain white Hyundai Veloster and turned it Psychedelic! 3M Gloss Psychedelic to be specific. This special holographic effect actually moves with you going around the vehicle. The most eye catching material available other than Chrome vinyl wrap. Enjoy the photos showcasing our wrap work.   Contact us today for a quote to have us make your vehicle Psychedelic! 

Spectacular photos from DKFX showcasing the beautiful Gold Flake vinyl, or "Glitter" material we used for our second GTR full wrap. We don't normally post two sets of the same car, but this one is an exception. Day shots showcase our craftsmanship and attention to details of our wrap work. Night shots here showcase the material and DKFXs top notch photography abilities. These are downright beautiful! Enjoy.

Metallic Matte Grey full wrap with Gloss Black accents on a now, no longer average, Lexus IS300.

Custom Polygon Camo partial wrap for this Honda S2000. 

Covered a dime-a-dozen flame paint job and made it one in a million. Fully wrapped Victory looking psychedelic with gloss carbon vinyl tank accents! 

Psychedelic wrapped Victory Cross Country

Frozen Silver with Carbon Fiber accents on a 2016 BMW 225xi for Jake Sweeney of Cincinnati North

Aggressive BMW M4 which we fully wrapped in the very exclusive and custom made material Satin Chrome Red. The clear Satin laminate over the Red Chrome creates a finish that is truly exotic and unique, similar to Anodized Aluminum. Carbon fiber wrapped door jambs complement the existing carbon fiber roof, mirrors and interior and bring an even higher end look. Original gloss White paint underneath is now perfectly protected. All photos taken by 

Flawless Dragon Fire Red wrapped Tesla Model S 

Breathtaking full chrome wrap done in Arlon Silver Chrome vinyl. Newly released material from Arlon, it's one of the clearest and most reflective chrome material we have worked with. It's our official shop vehicle and can be seen there or cruising around Florence Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati Ohio area. Give us a wave or tag any photos you may snap of it with @dreamwrapsusa on Instagram. Was previously wrapped in Matte White.   

Gloss Oyster Grey vinyl fully wrapped Honda Civic Si

Ultimate Xpel PPS clear bra on a Ferrari 360 Spyder F1

Mesmerizing custom made Ice Blue Chrome material we laid down on this Maserati GTS transforming it into a stunning work of vinyl art. It arrived at our shop covered in PlastiDip begging for a proper wrap treatment. We removed the dip, detailed the blue paint, then wrapped it to perfection.

Hope you enjoy the photos from Lep Automotive as much as we do. Thanks for looking!

Matte Frosty Blue Metallic full wrap STI swapped WRX Wagon sitting on Satin Holographic Chrome wrappped Rotiform wheels.  

Matte Charcoal Metallic for a coal rolling lifted Dodge Ram truck 

Beautiful Matte Auora Pearl vinyl wrap on a Hyundai Genesis

This car ticks all of our boxes. 1980 Porsche SC came to us to receive a beautiful Gulf Oil Racing full vinyl wrap covering and protecting the original white paint underneath. Wrapped in Gloss Miami Blue with Gloss Orange livery stripes. Our attention to finish and detail can be seen in many of these close up photos. Spot this car down at Cars and Coffee on Saturday mornings and around the city of Cincinnati. Enjoy!

Astonishing Matte Silver Metallic vinyl perfectly installed representing paint to the highest extent possible, including complete door jambs. This full wrap on a brand new 2016 BMW 225xi was done to mimic the notorious Frozen paint option offered by BMW on their higher end M vehicles. Not expected to last long at the dealer but can be seen front and center on the showroom floor of Jake Sweeney BMW Cincinnati North dealership. Paint underneath is gloss black.  

Messin’ with the best daily here at DreamWraps. Laying down custom RS stripes and matching wing banner that we produced in house on this incredible Porsche GT3.

Satin laminated Red Chrome full wrap on this new BMW M4

Satin Perfect Blue full wrap with Satin Pearl White stripes on this wicked Dodge Viper SRT-10

Covered every inch of paint on this super clean 2016 Honda Civic Si, including fully wrapped color matched ski box along with yellow vinyl head/fog light tint wrap. Another excellent representation of our high level of craftsmanship installing vinyl to mimic a factory paint. Sitting on air ride suspension and will be receiving new custom ordered wheels soon. Spoiler extension is wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl as well, leaving virtually no surface unwrapped. 

Mesmerizing Ice Blue Chrome wrapped Maserati Gran Turismo Sport

Chrome full wrap with Candy Red and Gloss Black accents on our very own VW Mk6 GTI 

After and before of the unbelievable transformation that we provided using only vinyl wrap on this previously wrecked Genisis. Wrapped Matte Blue/Pink Pearl White with Gloss Black roof wrap accents and tail light smoke wrap. Body work, white paint and primer underneath.

Gorgeous 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo full wrap covering 100% of the original gloss black paint underneath which is now protected from rock chips, swirl marks, scratches and uv rays. All photos and videos taken by Ricky X Willis in Cincinnati OH. Satin pearl white looks like silk and beautifully reflects its surrounding colors. Gloss candy red and gloss piano black wrap added as accents to complement the existing racing red in the interior and emblems. 

Gulf Oil Racing fully wrapped 1980 Porsche 911 3.0 SC

One of a kind VW R which we fully wrapped in Satin Candy Blue with a finish resembling anodized metal. Paint underneath is Gloss Carbon Steel Grey and has been confirmed by Volkswagen of America as the only VW R in the world painted this color from the Factory in Wolfsburg Germany. The owner can rest easy knowing its being perfectly protected under the full vinyl wrap covering every inch of exposed paint taking into consideration every detail of the car. 

Custom graphics done right. Shadow Black custom graphics laid over the satin black full wrap on this mean Ford Focus RS. Gloss Grey paint underneath. 

Sinister Satin Black Ford Focus RS full wrap

Bringing a little Tokyo into Kentucky with this fun partial wrap. We designed and produced graphics to resemble the special 2017 Tokyo Japan Police Department Cruisers. Original paint underneath and exposed is gloss black however we fully wrapped the unpainted front bumper black metallic to match the paint. Spot this car driving the streets of the greater Cincinnati area or downtown at the BumSpot car meets on Tuesday summer nights. 

Midnight Sand full wrap on this monster AEV Jeep Wrangler

Gorgeous wrapped Acura TL with color matched powder coated wheels 

Gloss Glitter Purple full wrap with Glitter Black accents on this Dodge Charger RT

Neckbreaking wrapped 370Z Nismo Tokyo PD

Ferocious Dodge Viper SRT-10 full wrap leaving behind absolutely no paint exposed. All photos taken by Dade Razete. Satin pearl blue body with satin pearl white racing stripes really sets off the body lines and giving it a classic look with a very exquisite twist due to the satin finish. Really showcases our attention to detail and superior vinyl wrap installation. Original paint underneath is gloss black which is now being perfectly protected. 

Gold Flake full wrap with Carbon Fiber accents on this brand new Nissan GTR

Ultra Matte Black wrapped Tesla Model S 

Satin Pearl White full wrap with Gloss Black and Gloss Candy Red accents on a brand new Nissan GTR Nismo

Ultimate Xpel paint protection system clear bra on the entire front clip of this absolutely mint Ferrari 360 Spyder F1. The "Rosso Corsa Red" Italian paint is in near perfect condition and the customer needed our help to keep it that way. This clear bra material is very impressive, as it is completely invisilble once installed, and will stay that way for many years to come.

This Sinister looking Shelby Mustang taken to a new level after covering every inch of paint. Gloss black paint now being perfectly protected underneath the easily removed Satin HotRod Red vinyl. All the lights have been smoked in Gloss Dark tint wrap for a darker look and additional protection for the abusive upcoming winter months. This Stang' can be seen cruising the streets of Florence KY.

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Unbelievable Nissan GTR got treated to a full satin wrap in the breathtaking Satin Ocean Shimmer. The lines now explode off the car thanks to the exotic satin finish. Revealed at Import Alliance Summer Meet 2015 at the Kentucky Speedway, I was fortunate enough to drive the car down from Northern Kentucky, it's not called Godzilla for nothing, especially at 800hp!
Black paint underneath is now perfectly protected, giving the owner much piece of mind. No paint in sight.

True color change from boring grey paint to Fire Dragon Red wrap including full chrome delete with Satin Black to match the upscale wheels.